Updates For December 2022

A few updates for readers, some good, some bad. I’ll start with the bad news.

The bad news is that I have COVID. It is the first time I have ever had it (as far as I know), and despite being careful with masking such for the past 2½ years, I managed to somehow contract it. I am not entirely sure how, but I have my suspicions. In any case, all I can do now is isolate and try to recover as quickly as possible.

Given my age, and my weight, I am genuinely worried about the risk of severe symptoms, but so far it’s just a bad head cold. I can’t wait for it this to go away. Thankfully my family has tested negative so far, so perhaps we will get lucky.

The good news is that I’ve vaccinated 4 times so far (the two original + two boosters), so I remain positive that that will help blunt the worst effects of the illness.

For now, we are still on track with our plans to Japan in the second half of December. We are pretty excited to go, and the kids will finally get to see their grandpa and auntie after three years. The COVID infection may potentially change this, but we remain positive…. that the family will stay negative. 🤣

Life here is chilly and icy as the period of “small cold” begins (again, no pun intended), and Bodhi Day is only 6 days away. In our home, we started a tradition ages ago where we would surprise the kids with books as a present for Bodhi Day. It started out as a Santa Claus-type tradition but has gradually changed over time.

Since I am now isolated in the den for the next few days, I also have time to catch up on many things. Maybe more blog posts, we’ll see.

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