These links below represent causes that are important to me, and ones that I have donated to in the past. I am not affiliated with these causes, nor do I get any personal benefit. I just like to raise awareness of worthy causes.


As of writing, the war in Ukraine represents a very important cause to me, and to us all. Here are some ways you can help:

  • United24 – this is the general portal hosted by the Ukrainian government for coordinating funds to help medically, militarily and economically. You can choose where you want funds to go.
  • Come Back Alive – this is a Ukrainian organization primarily for supporting the military. If you want to help Ukraine fight back, but not to purchase weapons, this is probably the most direct way to do it.

Native Americans

Although I am not Native American, I recognize that I live on Native American lands and want to be able to give something back.

  • NICWA – The National Indian Child Welfare Association is a worthwhile organization for helping generations of Native people, especially children, break the cycle of trauma and rebuild their lives.


In order to help future generations on Earth, please consider donating to these causes:

  • One Tree Planted – because trees take so long to reach maturity, but are so crucial to the environment, every dollar now really counts.
  • Pacific Science Center – science, education, and the environment go hand in hand.
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