Hamamatsuri 2023: Of Puppies and Parental Stress

Hello readers and happy Hanamatsuri to those who celebrate the birthday of the Buddha, Shakyamuni (a.k.a. Siddhartha Gautama). This past week has been crazy, mainly because we have a new addition to the family: Her name is Cherry, and she is a 12-week old pug/beagle mix that we adopted. She was abandoned by her originalContinue reading “Hamamatsuri 2023: Of Puppies and Parental Stress”

Buddhism and the Parable of the Two Rivers

Since this week is the Japanese-Buddhist holiday of Ohigan (lit. “other shore” お彼岸), I wanted to share a famous parable in the “Pure Land” Buddhist tradition, written by a 7th century Chinese monk named Shan-dao (善導 613-681).  This is usually called the Parable of the Two Rivers and the White Path.  You can find translationsContinue reading “Buddhism and the Parable of the Two Rivers”