Japanese Christmas Wrap-Up

Hi folks, The week between Christmas and New Years is always a whirlwind of events as we prepare for Japanese New Year (oshōgatsu お正月), kids birthdays and other things. I didn’t get to this as soon as I would like, but I finally had time to post photos from Christmas. We did not participate inContinue reading “Japanese Christmas Wrap-Up”

A Buddhist Nativity?

Every year, my family and I are Buddhist, but we tend to celebrate the Epiphany every year because we like the King Cakes that our local bakery sells. Because the bakery includes tiny collectable figurines from the Nativity of Jesus in them, we have collected a number of figurines over time which I keep onContinue reading “A Buddhist Nativity?”

The Maha Santa Claus Sutra

Note: If Santa Claus was a Buddhist, this is what he might have looked like in a Buddhist text or sutra… 😏 Thus have I heard. At one time the Buddha was staying in the Jeta Grove monastery of Anathapindaka’s Garden at Shravasti, together with a large assembly of twelve hundred and fifty monks, whoContinue reading “The Maha Santa Claus Sutra”