Life, Death, Life

Note: I started writing this post way back in December, but have been mulling over it for quite a while. The fact that I post this on the day before Nirvana Day (the death of the Buddha) is serendipity. 😏 The day of my mother-in-law’s 100th day memorial was a very somber day for usContinue reading “Life, Death, Life”

Coming to Grips with Loss in War

War has been a part of the history of Mankind since the beginning, but beyond the tales of glory, strategy, and raw statistics, it’s easy to forget the lives destroyed by it. Spock: “I’ve noticed that about your people, doctor. You find it easier to understand the death of one than the death of aContinue reading “Coming to Grips with Loss in War”

Wisdom, And Freedom From Fear

Recently, my wife was talking with an extended relative she hadn’t talked to in a while. This relative also lives overseas, not in Japan, albeit in a different English-speaking country, and when we last spoke a year ago, she had been talking about mundane things like taking the kids out for picnics, etc. This timeContinue reading “Wisdom, And Freedom From Fear”

Soto Zen Home Liturgy

When people think of Zen, they think of meditation, and sand gardens. And with good reason. Zen uses the Buddhist teachings as a guide, but seeks to experience first-hand what Shakyamuni Buddha experienced. However, that’s not to say that there isn’t a devotional side to Zen either. As a peerless teacher, Shakyamuni Buddha pointed theContinue reading “Soto Zen Home Liturgy”

Hobgoblins: the Klingons of Dungeons and Dragons

It’s been a while since I had a good D&D post, but after being sick in July and taking some time off, I honestly haven’t played in over a month. Even my play-by-post group had to take time off due to personal life interruptions affecting other players. So, this weekend, I finally got back intoContinue reading “Hobgoblins: the Klingons of Dungeons and Dragons”

Chilling With Mr Spock

Hello Readers, Recently, as a belated birthday gift, I got the following book, Mr Spock’s Little Book of Mindfulness: How to Survive in an Illogical World (sponsored link) a fun, lighthearted book that explores Vulcan philosophy and Star Trek lore. In reality, the book draws upon a lot of spiritual guidance from more contemporary sourcesContinue reading “Chilling With Mr Spock”

Making Most of Lockdown

Despite the premature feeling that lockdown was nearing an end, it isn’t, and at this rate we’re probably going to be dealing with this through the rest of 2020. That said, it hasn’t entirely been unproductive either. After any major, life-altering social upheaval (wars,1 pandemics, etc), I figure that people go through a series ofContinue reading “Making Most of Lockdown”

Introducing My Teenage Daughter to the Klingon Language

My teenage daughter and I share a lot of hobbies like Marvel comics, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars and such, but she tends to draw the line at Star Trek, especially the original series. Not too long ago, I busted out my old Klingon Dictionary (yup, that Klingon Dictionary) and gave her a bit ofContinue reading “Introducing My Teenage Daughter to the Klingon Language”