Awesome Historical Totebag

Speaking of the famous “nun warlord” Hojo no Masako, I wanted to share something really great that I picked up in Japan in Kamakura (still uploading pics from that trip, blog post coming later):

This totebag features the famous speech by Hojo no Masako shortly before the Jokyu War of 1221, when the retainers of the new Kamakura government (shown above) balked at taking up arms against Emperor Gotoba:

その恩[故右大将軍, 源頼朝に]はすでに山よりも高く、海よりも深い。

“The obligation we bear to the late Udaishogun (Minamoto no Yoritomo, Masako’s husband) is higher than a mountain, and deeper than the sea.”

from the “Azuma Kagami” (吾妻鏡, “Mirror of the East”), dated to , made in the 19th day of 5th month of the 3rd year of JOKYU era

The totebag is really cute, and represents a really great moment in Japanese history. I have been proudly using it for shopping and such since I came back to the US. The bag is made by Samurai Kibun (homepage here), which makes a lot of great products featuring famous figures in Japanese history. It appears they are focused on domestic, Japanese audiences, so there is no English site, and it states that it cannot ship overseas. So, chances are, you’re more likely to see Samurai Kibun goods in local shops in Japan.

So, if you are in Japan and you do find some of their goods, definitely show some support and pick something up!

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