Big Surprises

Hi all,

A couple quick surprises I wanted to share:

First, my family and I are finally heading back to Japan at the end of this year! Japan finally relaxed its visa restrictions on vaccinated travelers, and so we can finally go after 3 years. My wife hasn’t seen her parents, and my kids have seen their grandparents or auntie in all this time.

Second, after some initial technical difficulties, I finally consolidated my blog and my side project in AWS under the address https// The blog’s URL is all fixed and you can use the new URL (or the old one is fine too). Apologies for the hassle. I made a dumb mistake when migrating the DNS. In short: read the directions carefully.

That’s it for now! Have a great weekend dear readers, and I will be posting from Japan in late December once we get there, and I decide what I would like to visit. 😎

Published by Doug

🎵Toss a coin to your Buddhist-Philhellenic-D&D-playing-Japanese-studying-dad-joke-telling-Trekker, O Valley of Plentyyy!🎵He/him

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