Buddha Here And Now

Meditation Hall at Sōjiji Temple in Kawasaki, Japan, head temple of Soto Zen sect. Photo taken by me in 2012.

Recently in a Japanese documentary on buddhist temples, I saw a really interesting quote made by one Shōichi Kokushi (聖一国師, 1202 – 12901) who was abbot of the venerable Tōfuku-ji temple (Rinzai Zen sect). You can see their official site here (Japanese only).

He said:

一時座禅すれば 一時の仏
ittoki zazen sureba, ittoki no hotoké

“If you do zen for one moment,
you are a buddha for one moment.”

一日座禅すれば 一日の仏
ichinichi zazen sureba, ichinichi no hotoké

“If you do zazen for a day,
you are a buddha for one day.”

一生座禅すれば 一生の仏
isshō zazen sureba, isshō no hotoké

“If you do zen for life,
you will be a buddha for life.”

Nothing to really add, please enjoy.

Namu Amida Butsu
Namu Kanzeon Bosatsu

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