New Books!

A couple books that I have been excited about have arrived in the mail:

The first book is a look at a famous collection of Japanese woodblock prints called the One Hundred Aspects of the Moon, which I will be covering in a new post in the near future. This collection of woodblock prints has popped up here on the blog a bit, and has become a major obsession of mine lately.

The second is about a famous, yet underrated, nomadic group of people called the Scythians, who seem to be everywhere in some way tied to various historical events in Asia and in Europe. The eastern Scythians, the Saka, were involved in spread of Buddhism along the Silk Road, and the western Scythians, the Srubnaya, are part of the rich ancestry of the Ukrainian people.

Thanks, as always, for reading and stay tuned for more content! 🥰

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