Plum Blossoms II

I am reposting this Japanese “waka” poem just for fun. The weather has been pleasant lately, and the plum trees in our yard are in full bloom. I took the photo above yesterday.

東風吹かばKochi fukabaWhen the east wind blows,
にほひをこせよNioi okose yolet it send your fragrance,
梅の花Ume no hanaoh plum blossoms.
主なしとてAruji nashi toteAlthough your master is gone,
春を忘るなHaru o wasuru nado not forget the spring.
Sugawara no Michizané (845 – 903)

Lately, I have re-reading an old book about the life of Sugawara no Michizane, a fascinating figure in early Japanese history, and probably will post some interesting historical bits here in the coming days.

Until then I hope, dear readers, that you are all safe and well, and have a chance to enjoy the mild weather too. 😄

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