A Bit of Paradise

The lotus-flowers in the lakes, large as chariot wheels, are blue-colored with blue splendor, yellow-colored with yellow splendor, red-colored with red splendor, white-colored with white splendor, and (they are all) the most exquisite and purely fragrant. Shariputra, the land of Sukhavati [the Buddha’s Pure Land] is arrayed with such good qualities and adornments.

The Amitabha Sutra, translation by by Nishu Utsuki and the Educational Department of the West Hongwanji Kyoto, Japan: 1924

Taken at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, first time in two years. 😌

Published by Doug

🎵Toss a coin to your Buddhist-Philhellenic-D&D-playing-Japanese-studying-dad-joke-telling-Trekker, O Valley of Plentyyy!🎵He/him

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