The Accidental Module

Recently, I published a new document on DMS Guild, the Traveler’s Guide to the Hamato Islands:

This was not the adventure module that I originally intended to publish, however. This one somewhat happened by accident.

After play-testing an earlier module I published, A Good Night’s Rest, I started getting questions about how such-and-such would work in this setting from interested players. At first, I just added such details to the appendix but as the appendix grew to 15+ pages I realized that I needed to spin off its own document. That delayed my original adventure module by weeks (in the final editing stage now) but it also means that now anyone can play this adventure setting if they want to.

I was surprised in recent discussions online how interested people were in playing a high-fantasy Asian setting for Dungeons and Dragons but were also frustrated how dated the existing material is. So, maybe I have found my niche?

Time will tell. 😌

Published by Doug

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