Girls Day Bento

The Japanese festival of Hinamatsuri or Girl’s Day is almost here and I recently dug up this old photo I found. My wife used to make bento lunches for our daughter when she was a little girl and this one was themed for Girls Day. 🥰

Compare with the real doll display here:

The traditional Hinamatsuri set depicts a prince in traditional clothing of the era, wielding a flat shaku wooden scepter, while the bride is wearing the jūnihitoe style of kimono robes associated with noblewomen at the time, and holding a fan.

Around the dolls are various auspicious symbols: orange tree for long life, stacked mochi rice cakes for wealth, etc.

It’s a lot of fun to setup and Girl’a Day is always a fun holiday to look forward to in our home, even if my “little girl” is now almost in high school. 😭

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