Adventure Number Three

In 2020, I published two small adventure modules for Dungeons and Dragons on DMS Guild: For King and Country, and A Good Night’s Rest. I enjoyed making both, but after publishing a Japanese-themed adventure at encouragement of my wife, I felt like I could make more of them. After playing with some ideas with the kids, I decided to make another Japanese-themed adventure titled A Letter Buried:

Originally, I had planned to publish this in mid-December, but then everything went nutty (you know what I am talking about). I also ran into some health problems in December that kept me fairly bed-ridden (more like couch-ridden), plus dealing with normal end of year festivities. With all these different things going on, the mental stress and fatigue at watching the news kind of sapped my motivation for weeks.

Only recently have I started up writing again, but I am feeling much better physically than I did a month ago (more on that another day), and my mental stress has faded a lot. So, instead of being mentally locked onto the all the negativity here and now, I’ve been focusing my attention positively toward the future again.

Further, I have been encouraged by some helpful feedback I’ve gotten from players who did my previous module, A Good Night’s Sleep, and are interested in playing this one as well. All these incremental improvements to the adventure series I am making, along with the small, but increasing interest in Japanese-themed, historically accurate D&D adventures has given me reason to plan yet more modules in the near future. Each one takes work, but I feel each one is getting a bit easier and easier as I learn the ropes.

As for A Letter Buried, I hope to publish this one in the first week of February. Stay tuned!

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