Io Saturnalia, Baby!

A Rennaisance-era depiction of the Roman god Saturn, complete with scythe. Note the lack of olive oil. Courtesy of Wikipedia

December 17th was formerly the start of an ancient Roman holiday called Saturnalia. To celebrate, let me post this awesome video by Historia Civilia about it:

Contrary to popular belief, Christmas is not directly derived from Saturnalia, but did adopt some aspects such as gift giving and festivities. Christmas derives its date more from a later Roman holiday named Sol Invictus. Early Christians at that time likened Jesus to the Sun which was venerated in Sol Invictus, hence the connection.

As a Classics nerd, though, I will be celebrating Saturnalia.

Io Saturnalia, one and all.

P.S. I find the Roman god Saturn really fascinating for some reason due to his unusual portfolio, ancient traditions that predate Greek influence, symbolism and such. I keep thinking what a cleric in Dungeons and Dragons would look like worshipping Saturn.

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