New Published Adventure: A Good Night’s Sleep

I am happy to report that my second adventure module for Dungeons and Dragons has been published on DMS Guild: A Good Night’s Sleep. The idea for this started way back when I was playing around with the character idea of a Elven Samurai, and that’s when I realized that there is a pretty big gap in east Asian (in particular, Japanese) campaign ideas compared to the more traditional European style “high medieval” settings. The existing campaign information was somewhat out of date too.

But while I was playing with the idea for a long time, I didn’t really set anything on paper until recently when my wife and kids suggested I make a “Japanese” style Dungeons and Dragons setting. It took some twists and turns, and some helpful input from wife and kids, but eventually it started to take form around a specific adventure. When I play-tested an earlier draft with some colleagues online and I got back some really helpful input. For example, while a lot of the cultural details were familiar to me (having blogged about them in one way or another for about 10 years), it wasn’t readily obvious to players who had zero Japanese background. So, I had to go back and flesh out more of the module to clarify or (better yet) show through descriptions how things worked.

Sadly, after I published the module, I already found a small typo. This is proof that you can never proofread your works too much. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Thankfully DMS Guild makes it easy to update existing texts, so I will be uploading another copy soon.

Anyhow, I am glad it’s finally out there, though as with any small-time publications, it’ll be an uphill battle to get visibility in what is a pretty crowded field. On the plus side, as this is more of a hobby for me, even a few downloads is something to celebrate, and I am happy to see a few downloads already.

Lastly, I am already working on a follow-up adventure. This was a lot of fun to write, and I hope to keep the momentum going. 😄

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