Farewell Mitsunari

I have been following a certain parody Twitter feed for the late Japanese warlord Ishida Mitsunari, and today marks the anniversary of his death according to the modern calendar:

On this stone tablet is the Mitsunari’s death poem, or jisei (辞世). I couldn’t find an English translation at all, so here goes (warning, this is an amateur translation):

筑摩江やChikumae yaO Chikumae,
芦間に灯すAshima ni tomosuJust as your blazing
かがり火と Gakaribi toreed bonfires
ともに消えゆくTomo ni kieyukuwill fade
我が身なりけりWa ga mi narikeriso too shall this body.

This poem was composed by Mitsunari shortly before his execution, and took place at a location called Chikumae on the northeast shores of Lake Biwa.

P.S. Speaking of things fading

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