Pokemon and Weaknesses

My six year old son is obsessed with Pokemon. It started with the old cartoon, and has since grown to games, books, etc. As his father, I’ve tried to keep up with his hobby and that means getting familiar with the whole Pokemon battle system.

Pokemon are basically divided into “types“: water types, fire types, etc. Some Pokemon will have more than one type (usually no more than two). This gives Pokemon access to various types of attacks, but also opens them up to various types of weaknesses.

My son would frequently ask me what such-and-such type is weak too, especially under lockdown as he has more time to play Pokemon games, and I would have to look at various online charts to remember which types do more damage to which types, etc. This got tedious, and the existing online charts were too hard to memorize, so I started mapping my own chart.

The first chart turned out pretty terrible. I had assumed different types had some kind of three-type cycle (e.g. fire -> grass, grass -> water, water -> fire), but outside this basic “circle” it turns out things get complicated. Ground type is weak to both grass and water types, and Rock type is weak to ground, water and grass.

The photo above is draft two of my chart. It’s better, and somewhat readable, but needs further work.

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