Laid Off

Welp, talk about irony. One day after writing this post, my entire department was laid off at work including myself. If Euripides were still around, perhaps this would make good material for a new, modern Greek tragedy.

In a way, I had a feeling this was coming. After a major company re-org last year, I felt that my local office was slowly dying on the vine, and apparently that turned out to be true. In the end, we were just numbers, and financially not sustainable ones at that.

In any case, they will keep me around another few months, plus severance, so it’s not the worst deal, but it also means that I, as the sole bread-winner of a family of four, now need to make difficult decisions. I had hoped to retire with my company, which until today I considered myself pretty loyal to, but now that’s not like to happen unless I can somehow effect a transfer to a different team that won’t get axed.

In any case, the point of all this is to reiterate that nothing is guaranteed in life. It’s not that the Universe is kind or cruel, but rather that we are simply not the center of the Universe, and can expect nothing from it.

One small rant though: who the hell lays of a bunch of people during a massive viral outbreak? 🤦🏻‍♂️

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