Dungeons and Dragons Organizing Woes

DnD Boxes

If you play Dungeons and Dragons long enough, you tend to accumulate stuff: books, figurines, dice, and various other props.  My attempts to organize this mess have evolved as well.

First I kept it all in a big tin, but it was hard to sift through to find what I needed, plus the tin eventually became too small.  Then, I bought a small, plastic box from my local drug store, but again, it didn’t fit properly and some figurines were broken when the lid was shut just right.

On suggestion from my wife, I took a trip to Michael’s.  There, I found many crafts and supplies that I couldn’t easily find in a gaming store.  In addition to brushes and paints for the figurines, picked up these plastic organizers similar to this one used for beadwork with adjustable dividers.  This worked great because now I could size the compartments just right to prevent my figurines from getting crushed.  Further, I can use separate compartments to organize d20 dice vs. d8 dice and so on.  The best part is that these organizers are stackable, so I can fit them in a bag for easier carrying.

Further at Michael’s I found some nice, bulk plastic “gold coins” which work great for players when tracking things like inspiration points and so on.  Or just as a general treasure “prop”.

I am hoping to put all these stuff to good use in the near future by DM’ing an Adventure’s League session at the local game shop, though with COVID-19 going around, this will likely have to wait a bit.



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