Roman Vilas, Lego Style

Hey folks, something I found recently that I wanted to share with readers.

This article shows a project to build ancient Roman villas using ordinary household Legos.

The Villa Armira, an ancient Roman villa located in modern Bulgaria. Picture courtesy of Klearchos Kapoutsis from Paleo Faliro, Athens, Greece. [CC BY (

Villas, as Wikipedia shows, were a kind of country housing complex owned by wealthy, rural landowners. It was also commonplace for wealthy citizens in Rome to own country villas in addition to their elite properties in the city. Cicero had a property close to the Roman Forum (unfortunately right next to his hated rival Clodius), as well as a villa in Pompeii, and one out in Formia which was eventually caught by Octavian’s troops and executed.

Villas in Roman culture vaguely remind me of Japanese shinden-zukuri (寝殿造) which were villas for the wealthy class too:

The Higashi-Sanjo Dono villa (東三条殿) owned by various members of the Fujiwara family, including Fujiwara no Kaneie. Located in the suburbs of Kyoto.

The cultural similarities are probably only surface-level, but it’s interesting when totally different cultures tend to arrive at similar patterns. 🙂

Back to the article, I do have similar legos at home, so I wonder if might be able to build something similar someday. If so, I’ll post here.

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