Wacky Adventures at PAX with AcqInq


PAX West came and went recently, and it was my first time going.  PAX is something that happens here every year, but I always miss it because either I can’t buy a ticket, or I have other plans that weekend.  This year though, I finally got a lucky break from a friend who had a one-day pass for Friday, which means that I could go to PAX, and still spend time with my kids on the weekend. ❤️

Since I only had one day to go, I decided to make the most of it at the tabletop gaming area since I am not an avid player of console/PC games.

PAX was hosting a special gaming table for the new Acquisitions Inc. module, and an introduction adventure. Since the timing of the Adventurers League adventures didn’t line up with other things I wanted to do, I opted to do the Acq Inc. adventure instead.  I was seated with some other people: a nice older couple, and a father/son combination.  We played a small, fun adventure using example characters from the book.  I played Lok, the dwarven cleric Obviator.

We all had a good time, and as the adventure wound down, one of the guys asked me what I thought about the book.  I replied that I liked it, but hadn’t had a chance to use it with my kids’ adventure at home, and it was then that they told me that they were the writers of that book!  It was so cool playing at the same table as the writers. I shook their hands and got autographs in my book (which was already signed by Mike Krahulik as his character Jim Darkmagic).

It was a great start to PAX, but after a lengthy afternoon lull spent people-watching, looking at expensive dice, and purchasing spellbook cards, I got to see my first live D&D game of Acquisitions Inc. at the Paramount Theater here in Seattle:


We were stuck in the middle of the seats, which was not a great place to be when you have to go to the restroom, but it all worked out well.  It was great seeing Anna Prosser, Xavier Woods, Patrick Rothfuss, Jeremy Crawford and of course Jim Darkmagic and Omin Dran.  You can see the full episode here on Youtube.

It was a great day: I got to meet many good people in the D&D community, and got to finally see a live show.  I am already looking forward to next year.  😆

P.S.  PAX apparently has a thing with collecting “pins”, which I only realized much later in the day, so I got a total of 1 pin.  But, since I was trying to stay on a budget, one pin was probably enough.  🙂

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